A picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is 24 or more pictures per second… we’ll let you do the math.

At Supreme Digital Media we are amongst the highest rank of talented creatives, specialising in video production. We are all about capturing visual content and editing it in such a way that it hits the target audience in the emotive spots we aim for.  

Video is our thing. From creative camera angles, clever editing techniques to the deeply considered music selection, our passion for creating supreme video products shines through in every project we complete. 

Our team is cool, calm & relaxed, ensuring that you’ll feel natural, comfortable and confident in front of the rolling camera. With trained public speakers in our team, we can coach you through the delivery of your content to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.

Construction & Architecture

Calling all builders, landscapers, renderers, painters, bricklayers, concreters, plumbers, electricians…*phew* you get the picture. If you’re in the construction industry then we want you to let us take your projects to the next level.

Let’s get real, how many hours do you spend scrolling on socials? Your potential clients are doing the same, and if you’re not putting your best foot forward across every relevant platform then you are probably being overlooked. 

Let’s blow your content up into the next income bracket. Whether you are after staple video content showcasing you and your work or are itching to get creative and really shine, we’ll be here on standby waiting to kick things off.

Real Estate

It is no secret that video is king when it comes to real estate. To cut above the noise, real estate agents and their properties need to evoke trust, inspiration and obsession within their potential clients’ psyche from the get-go. 

If you are just entering the world of video, we can do a basic video package and coach you through the experience. If you are a seasoned social media star & want to push the limits, we are ready to hit the ground running. Jump in the pool, catch a wave to shore at the local beach, roll up in that Range Rover, land a helicopter on the helipad – if you envision it, we’ll film it. 


The business world is digital. Without a digital, captivating and strategic presence online,  can your business truly push beyond stagnation? 

The reality of our increasingly digital world is that with every moment that passes without your best foot forward online, you’re missing out on potential leads. Over 90% of Australians own a smartphone (the handheld doorway to the online world), and 73% shop online. If you aren’t showcasing your products, service and capabilities in a digitally digestible format, then where the bloody hell are ya? 

Video content for business is engaging, informative and inspiring – but only when executed correctly. As experts in videography and positioning our clients as the highest of rank, we at Supreme Digital Media are the ultimate team to get your business in front.  

Convey lots of information whilst drawing an emotive connection from your target audience through video content featuring events, advertising sales, website landing page, testimonials, change of location, about us, team videos, product service promotions, brand videos, expert interview, educational and how-to, and the list just goes on.

Got a Vision?

If you have a video project you haven’t seen listed below – don’t click that “x”, please contact us! If it can be captured with a camera, we are in.