A Soaring Perspective

We’ve got more than just a licence to fly that thing.

With these little miracles of technology, we can produce drone footage & photography from heights only attainable by birds, planes & well, superman. Drone photography and videography is the key to adding that creative edge to your business, build and product. 

Supreme Digital Media are no rookies, we’re the real deal. We are on Geelong’s premier Certified Drone Operators list, recognised officially by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia. 

And what does that mean? We can operate drones where your average unlicensed/uncertified punter can not. As drone flying laws are being tightened, these untouchable air spaces are becoming more widespread.

Not for us, though. We’ve got the ultimate clearance level to shoot your wildest fantasies using drone technology. 

At Supreme Digital Media we not only hold the ticket to fly, but we also have all of the relevant insurances meaning you can rest easy when we are whizzing around your expensive properties.

Reach New Heights

Damn, it looks good from up here!